Joe Hamilton, MS
Joe Hamilton, MS
Personal Trainer
Fitness, Cycling,
VP of Helena United Cycling
About Me
Joe Hamilton is a dedicated endurance athlete with over a decade of experience as a competitive cyclist. He’s been involved in all facets of the sport: directing races, founding race teams, organizing events, and personally competing at all levels. Joe has raced as a Category 1 Mountain bike racer and Category 3 Road racer.
Joe currently works as a Certified Cycling Coach for Thomas Endurance Coaching , who coaches athletes nationally and internationally. Joe also serves as the Vice President of Helena’s local cycling Team, Helena United Cycling.
Joe specializes in total body sport specific conditioning. He takes a phased approach that aligns with the demands of your sport. Joe understands the delicate balance between training for your sport and incorporating effective strength work.

Testimonials from clients Joe has coached:

I have been doing personal training with Joe Hamilton on strength, balance, and core, to prepare for a season of cycling and running. Joe has been an incredibly effective trainer. I have been struggling with neck and shoulder issues since before starting the program with Joe. He has been very attentive to these and is constantly adapting the program to make sure I continue to progress without jeopardizing these injuries. Joe is very consistent in his approach, so I can really see my progress from week to week. He is always helpful about paying attention to my form, and demonstrating exactly how to do each exercise. He also explains what I’m gaining from each exercise, which helps motivate me and helps me understand what we are doing and why. Joe finds time to give me tips about nutrition, rest, and other important components of training. He doesn’t see his training as in isolation, but rather as an integral part of my larger fitness and competition goals.

Last spring I had the pleasure of attending an indoor cycling workshop with Joe, which is how I got to know him. Unlike usual spin classes, this was a high level training program that really prepared the class for outdoor riding and racing. It was a joy to work with someone that was goal oriented and helping us all work toward improving our cycling.

It’s been a privilege to work with Joe and I highly recommend him to cyclists, triathletes, or anyone who is looking to up their game in endurance sports and racing.
Endurance/Sport Strength Training Program
Designed for those athletes who are looking to build a solid core, stabilize key “sport” specific muscles, and build power in preparation for your upcoming endurance training and goal event. The program is 24 weeks long and begins with a progression of exercises, beginning with stability exercises. These stability exercises prepare you for a muscular strength foundation, and then finish with short power phase. You will then learn how to maintain these gains while you transition into your endurance training program. For best results you must be committed to at least 2X per week.
6 months 2x/week (48 sessions total) = $34 a session or $272/month
6 months 3x/week (72 sessions total) = $32 a session or $384/month
Level 2 USA Cycling Coach Certified
Level 2 Training Peaks Power Certified
American Heart Association CPR, Basic First Aid, & AED
Current Fitness Coach for Thomas Endurance Training
Every athlete is a person and every person is different. Each program must be individualized to the athlete and their lifestyle.
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